Free social media performance report

Want to improve your social media performance? UniSC students can help.


Please register if you need help to improve your business’ social media performance. Only 25 places left.

Students undertaking the course, Social Media: Monitoring and Measurement at the University of the Sunshine Coast are currently seeking clients.

If you register as a client:

  • A UniSC Social Media student will consult with you to develop a plan to monitor and measure your social media performance.
  • Your assigned UniSC student will implement that plan, gather data, analyse it and develop a report with actionable recommendations for your business, based on their analysis.
  • You will receive the plan and the Social Media Performance Report at the end of the semester.

Please note: You do not have to provide students with access to your social media accounts for this activity and your data will be strictly confidential. How much access and information that you provide to your allocated student is up to you. If you sign up for this opportunity Dr Karen Sutherland, Senior Lecturer in Social Media, will be in contact within the next few weeks with further information.      

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