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Hi, I’m Dr Karen Sutherland, winner of the 2022 Gold Stevie Award for Woman of the Year – Social Media,

2022 Silver Int. Stevie Award for Best Business Book,

2022 Book Excellence Award for Social Media,

2020 Social Media Educator of the Year.

 As the Social Media Marketing Institute’s Academic Ambassador and author of Strategic Social Media Management, I can help your business enhance its social media performance.

 I’m a Senior Lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and lead social media education and related research projects.  

 As the Co-Founder of Dharana Digital, and helping hundreds of business owners, I understand how to demystify social media to help you surpass your business goals. This book can help. 

Social Media:
Stop Selling.
Start Helping.

Social media keeps growing in complexity for business owners, marketers, advertisers and public relations professionals seeking to use it to connect with prospective and existing customers

To stay relevant, organisations and individuals need to function like media companies and produce helpful content for their followers.  

Social media evolves rapidly, and this constant change is influenced by technological developments, increased consumer demands, and competition between platforms.

This requires businesses to be nimble, flexible, strategic and responsive.

Introducing Strategic Social Media Management….

A book designed to help you create and implement effective strategies, develop engaging content and evaluate your success.

Know your audience. Provide great value. Achieve better results.

Discover How This Book Can Help

Key take-aways: 

  Know your audience 

→  Provide value rather than selling

  Create effective strategies

  Learn international perspectives

This book shares clear and actionable advice to help your business. Templates, real-world examples and interviews with social media practitioners from around the world support your social media success.

 Real-World Examples

Easy-To-Use Templates

International Perspectives

Three Actionable Sections


Social Media Strategy Development

Providing key processes to develop a social media strategy, conduct an audit, audience research, and competitor analysis to identify relevant tactics.


Strategic Content Curation

Showing how to ethically source and share accurate, high-quality content to provide value to your audience.  


Strategic Content Creation

Guiding you on how to write for social media and produce graphics, memes and videos that pop.

If you are trying to communicate with everybody, you will not connect with anybody.

“I’ve just finished reading your book “Strategic Social Media Management”. Actually, that’s my job but I felt to go back to basic principles, and the sense of it. It worked! And I have learnt new things too. I really enjoyed the interviews and connected with some of the book guests.”

Claudio Corvaglia, Social Media Manager, Georg Fischer, Switzerland

Learn how to make the audience care and earn their trust using social media.

Learn from Social Media Managers from every continent.

Don’t get left behind. I invite you to join me as I not only demystify social media, I guide you on how to manage it strategically. Social media is an adventure and your guide is this book.

— Dr. Karen Sutherland  

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