Dr Joanna Kujawa
Author, Speaker, Scholar

Dr Karen Sutherland was a true mastermind behind the promotional campaign for the Goddess News blog and newsletter.

My goal was to achieve 100 new subscribers within a month – an ambitious plan as we were starting from scratch. Right from the beginning, Dr Sutherland was open to my suggestions and the specific needs of the blog and the newsletter.

Her sophisticated, but easy to implement promotional plan skilfully coordinated the social media platforms with my speaking engagements.

Tactfully and tirelessly, she organised a schedule for my Public Facebook Page with outlines for each day’s activities. She acted as liaison with related social media, radio stations and publications.

She designed a stunning sign up list for the blog for my speaking engagements and produced the promotional videos which I sent out to her for her professional touch.

Perhaps, most importantly, her tireless enthusiasm kept me going and gave me the strength and drive to continue when I was worn out by other commitments. All the way through the process, she exhibited, hard work, imagination and faith in the project.

As a result, my newsletter got 110 new subscribers within a month and we are in the process of negotiating a radio interview with a US radio station.

None of these would have been possible if it were not for the commitment and professionalism of Dr Karen Sutherland.

Her skills as a researcher and an innovative but practical thinker were indispensable for the success of our promotional campaign.

This is what I believe, makes the difference in employing a true professional that shows a lateral thinking and research skills that an ad hoc marketing advisor could never dream of.