Future of Social Media Strategy 2018

I have just returned from Melbourne where I presented a session about chatbots at the Future Social Media Strategy 2017 Forum.

I could only make one morning of the two-day conference, but even in the few hours that I was there, I learned so much about where social media is headed, and it’s extremely exciting.

Here are the three key predictions that I took away from the event:

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Social Media: The Four Agreements

Have you heard of The Four Agreements?

Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, they can be applied to all aspects of life including how you approach social media both personally and from a business perspective.

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Social video is now. Produce or perish.

The headline may seem a bit dramatic, but hopefully it caught your attention. I keep reading articles about upcoming trends in social media, and video is always listed.

Let’s get one thing straight. Video is not an upcoming trend. It is happening right now, and you will be left behind if you refuse to get in front of the camera.

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Social Media Hong Kong Style

Businessman on the phone in subway train

Hong Kong continues to be the world’s most connected population Source: Marketing-Interactive.com

I’m back from a week in Hong Kong visiting digital agencies with six social media students from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Here are five key social media trends that we learned during our visit.

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Facebook Chatbots: Three Business Benefits


Facebook Messenger chatbots are fast becoming a business essential, in the same way that social media is now a vital business tool. Chatbots can take a customer’s social media brand experience to the next level, while making life easier for customers and businesses alike.

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