Facebook Chatbots: Three Business Benefits


Facebook Messenger chatbots are fast becoming a business essential, in the same way that social media is now a vital business tool. Chatbots can take a customer’s social media brand experience to the next level, while making life easier for customers and businesses alike.

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Marketing Food on Instagram


Food and Instagram seem like a match made in social media marketing heaven.

After all, images of food have been proven to stimulate the appetite.

If you own a cafe, a restaurant or the like, promoting your wares on Instagram can be a powerful way to entice customers through the door.

However, there is more to it than slapping up a few photos. Here are some tips to help promote your food business on Instagram.

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4 Key Social Media Skills for Business

Social media proficiency is fast becoming a requirement relevant to most industries and professions. With 2.34 billion people using social networking platforms worldwide, social media has become more than a potential marketing opportunity. Instead it is a vital tool for managing customer relationships and day-to-day communication.

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