Book a Social Media Health Check for your Business with Dr Karen Sutherland

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If you want to track your business or organisation’s social media performance but don’t know where start, I can help with a Social Media Health Check. Contact me to book or please keep reading.

A Social Media Health Check can:

  • Identify what is working and what isn’t working, so that you can use your time and resources efficiently.
  • Highlight how to enhance your business’ social media performance.
  • Better understand your audience to create content that they will find most interesting.
  • Begin to build a community of people who support your business and organisation enough to become new and repeat customers.

A Social Media Health Check includes:

  • A 30 minute pre-consult interview via Zoom or Skype with me so that I can better understand your business/organisation and what you aim to achieve with your social media activities.
  • A customised Social Media Health Check Report with clear, actionable recommendations (based on analyses of your social media performance data, plus current industry and academic research) explaining how you can improve your business’ or organisation’s social media performance.
  • A 1 hour Social Media Health Check Report consultation session via Zoom or Skype where I walk you through the report findings in clear language (no jargon) and provide advice on how you can implement the recommendations.

A Social Media Health Check is only $495 ($200 deposit on sign-up and the rest on completion) and there are currently only four places available for 2018. The offer ends on November 18th. 

A Social Media Health Check is usually $1000, so book yours with me today to avoid missing out.

Please visit my bio, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page for more information about my background and experience, or contact me with any questions. 🙂

Community, Conversations & Customers: Digital Marketer Down Under 2018


I’m still on a high from the 2018 Digital Marketer Down Under Conference.

There were so many pearls of wisdom shared throughout the two-day event, that I thought it only right for me to pass some on to you. After all, sharing is caring. 🙂

The themes that underpinned most of the presentations were: Community, Conversations and Customers.

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Thank you. USC Social Media students now have clients.

USC Social Media Students Seek Clients

Thank you so much for your interest. All places have now been taken.

There will be further opportunities in Semester one, 2019. 

Would you like a free social media performance report for your business or nonprofit?

If so, students undertaking the course, Social Media: Monitoring and Measurement at the University of the Sunshine Coast are looking for you.

If you registered your business:

    • A student will consult with you to develop a plan to monitor and measure your social media performance.
    • The student will then implement that plan, gather data, analyse it and develop a report with actionable recommendations for your business, based on their analysis.

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Social Media Portuguese Style

Portugal, what a place; the friendly people, the delicious food, and the beautiful scenery.

Last month, I was lucky enough to spend a few days on the spectacular island of Madeira, about a 1.5 hour flight from the mainland of Portugal.

I was there for business, but it was pure pleasure, and gave me yet another reason to love my job.

Similarly to when I travelled to Vietnam, India and Hong Kong, I was really interested in how social media is being used in Portugal. Here are my three key observations.

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How AI & Automation are influencing education


AI and automation are impacting education | Source:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are having a profound effect on the everyday lives of many, changing how people shop, interact with organisations and plan their time.

From a marketing perspective, I have been watching with great interest as the use of chatbots automate brand conversations and virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Home Mini respond to their owners’ beck and calls through voice recognition.

While there are still bugs in the systems, AI and automation are rapidly evolving, influencing a range of industries such as healthcare and law, and now education.

I have recently returned from a conference in Portugal  that focused on computer supported education and learned about three key ways that AI and automation are impacting the education sector.

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Sunshine Coast Clients Sought by USC Social Media Students

Background or title2

 Thank you to the businesses and non-profits that  registered to be clients for USC social media students. All places are now filled for this semester, but there will be further opportunities in semester two.


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Future of Social Media Strategy 2018

I have just returned from Melbourne where I presented a session about chatbots at the Future Social Media Strategy 2017 Forum.

I could only make one morning of the two-day conference, but even in the few hours that I was there, I learned so much about where social media is headed, and it’s extremely exciting.

Here are the three key predictions that I took away from the event:

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Social Media: The Four Agreements

Have you heard of The Four Agreements?

Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, they can be applied to all aspects of life including how you approach social media both personally and from a business perspective.

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Social video is now. Produce or perish.

The headline may seem a bit dramatic, but hopefully it caught your attention. I keep reading articles about upcoming trends in social media, and video is always listed.

Let’s get one thing straight. Video is not an upcoming trend. It is happening right now, and you will be left behind if you refuse to get in front of the camera.

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Social Media Hong Kong Style

Businessman on the phone in subway train

Hong Kong continues to be the world’s most connected population Source:

I’m back from a week in Hong Kong visiting digital agencies with six social media students from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Here are five key social media trends that we learned during our visit.

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