Book a Social Media Health Check for your Business with Dr Karen Sutherland

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If you want to track your business or organisation’s social media performance but don’t know where start, I can help with a Social Media Health Check. Contact me to book or please keep reading.

A Social Media Health Check can:

  • Identify what is working and what isn’t working, so that you can use your time and resources efficiently.
  • Highlight how to enhance your business’ social media performance.
  • Better understand your audience to create content that they will find most interesting.
  • Begin to build a community of people who support your business and organisation enough to become new and repeat customers.

A Social Media Health Check includes:

  • A 30 minute pre-consult interview via Zoom or Skype with me so that I can better understand your business/organisation and what you aim to achieve with your social media activities.
  • A customised Social Media Health Check Report with clear, actionable recommendations (based on analyses of your social media performance data, plus current industry and academic research) explaining how you can improve your business’ or organisation’s social media performance.
  • A 1 hour Social Media Health Check Report consultation session via Zoom or Skype where I walk you through the report findings in clear language (no jargon) and provide advice on how you can implement the recommendations.

A Social Media Health Check is only $495 ($200 deposit on sign-up and the rest on completion) and there are currently only four places available for 2018. The offer ends on November 18th. 

A Social Media Health Check is usually $1000, so book yours with me today to avoid missing out.

Please visit my bio, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page for more information about my background and experience, or contact me with any questions. 🙂

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